All Camber Surfboards have a bottom featuring a rail contour designed to take advantage of the flow generating higher pressure under the board resulting in more lift, decreased drag, and increased speed. Increased speed is meaningless if the board will not turn hard and perform well. Therefore, the relationship between outline, rocker, rails and thickness distribution is more important than ever. The basic shapes are summarized below along with a brief explanation of how they have evolved since incorporating a high efficiency rail contour. All boards are built in the USA and are shaped using the highest quality EPS blanks and epoxy resin. Our standard fin configuration is a FCS thruster on all models with other options available by request.

The bottom contours have evolved over the last 3-4 years by making lots of boards and doing numerous CFD runs.  The rail contours at various sections of the board are different to optimize the lift as well the handling characteristics. Inevitably, copies will be made by others.  By buying a real Camber Surfboard, you save yourself the trial and error of our learning curve. In the alternative, if you have a shaper that really understands your likes as well as dislikes and your unique style, have your shaper contact us about a license package.