So what does all this mean when you are out surfing?  The Camber Surfboards bottom should allow you to plane-off and catch waves a bit easier since the rail is more effective at maintaining the pressure under the board.  Once you have taken-off, the increased lift allows you to generate more speed because the higher pressure under the board allows the rider to reduce the trim angle of the board in relation to the wave face thereby decreasing drag.  You should also be able to maintain a bit higher line in a wave and make some sections that you otherwise wouldn’t.  When you immerse the forward rail in a turn, the lift generated by the rail and bottom helps draw the nose of the board up the wave face, resulting in a more maneuverable board.  Because you don’t have to put quite as much weight on your rear foot to carve the same line up the face, you maintain more speed. 


We hope this explanation takes some of the mystery out of what is happening under your board.  The more you know about how your board functions, the better you should be able to ride your board.