We are stoked to announce the release of our new High Performance Shortboards! Our new High Performance Series and Launch Pad Series feature traditional pointed nose looks pair with our revolutionary Camber bottom. Compared to a conventional shortboard, the outlines have more subtle hips and the tails are more elliptical because the high efficiency bottom rail shape is contributing a greater portion of the lift. The rockers are smoother and more continuous to make smooth transitions at higher speeds.

new boards 1.JPG

High Performance Series. 

Available as a squash tail or round tail. The following numbers are guidelines and can be customized for individual preferences.  If you are looking for a board that has more volume but still has a pointed nose, take a look at the Launch Pad model numbers.

pricing hi pro.JPG

All pricing subject to change.

Launch Pad Series.  


The original board was a 5-6 designed for an East Coast surfer that launches big airs.  It has a slightly flatter rocker and more parallel outline to generate more speed.  The same concept works well for surfers who need more volume.  The nose is about 1.0 to 1.5 inches wider than the nose of a same width High Performance model.  That extra nose width makes the first top turn to generate speed much easier. The following numbers are guidelines and can be adjusted on custom orders.  For example, rail thickness and the amount of volume carried to the ends of the blank will make a difference in the overall volume of the board.

launch pad pricing.JPG

All pricing subject to change.