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Real Science For

real surfers


Doug Delancey, Cloudbreak

Photo: Nick Liotta


Chris Portera

My Camber surfboard is by far the best board I've ever owned. It makes sections no other board can make, turns on a dime, and catch waves like a long board. Camber has perfected the surfboard and I will never surf anything else again.

Chris Joyce Sr. & Jr.

"My Camber surfboard resurrected my high performance surfing career... I went from a 9'6 log down to an 8'0 high performance Camber board." -Chris Joyce Sr.

"Camber is the key to better surfing. My 8'0 paddles like a standard log, performs better than any board I've ever surfed, and weighs less than my wetsuit. The combination of speed and power is unmatched." -Chris Joyce Jr.

Leif Engstrom, Professional Surfer

"The guys over at Camber are one of a kind. I think it is because of them that Camber will be the next big thing in surfing. You can definitely feel the additional lift and speed when heading down the line and coming out of bottom turns. This is the board that'll bring your surfing to the next level."

High Performance Series

We are stoked to announce the release of our new High Performance Shortboards! Our new High Performance Series and Launch Pad Series feature traditional pointed nose looks pair with our revolutionary Camber bottom. Compared to a conventional shortboard, the outlines have more subtle hips and the tails are more elliptical because the high efficiency bottom rail shape is contributing a greater portion of the lift. The rockers are smoother and more continuous to make smooth transitions at higher speeds.

launch pad pricing.JPG
new boards 1.JPG

 Launch Pad Series 

pricing hi pro.JPG
new board 2.JPG


Camber Surfboards is a revolutionary take on the average surfboard. Camber Surfboards utilize CFD technology to shape the perfect surfboard bottom providing more lift and less drag. This unique design provides for more waves and better surfing for all!

Photo: Craig Kerstetter - FBVPSports